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Bus maintenance is the key to financial performance and is available for clients who want to improve the overall quality of their bus fleets.

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TRC is known for its vigorous and technically advanced bus maintenance auditing practice. In this capacity, TRC conducts maintenance department evaluations involving physical inspections of client bus fleets and maintenance facilities to determine overall conditions and the effectiveness of existing maintenance programs.

As companion pieces to our maintenance audits, TRC often prepares comprehensive maintenance plans for clients who want to improve the quality of maintenance on their bus fleets. For bus fleets already in operation, maintenance of these capital assets is vital to the long-term economic health of any transit organization.

TRC can assist clients with:

  • Site selection

  • Shop design

  • Maintenance facility consolidations

  • Facility planning

  • Facility evaluations

  • Facility commissioning

TRC’s maintenance consulting practice often focuses on the people who staff bus maintenance departments. TRC evaluates the credentials of mechanics and maintenance foreman, and we design programs to improve their technical and administrative skills. Sometimes, TRC serves as a recruiting organization to help clients find qualified maintenance managers. 

Bus maintenance is best carried out in well-designed, clearly lighted spaces that are created specifically for good bus maintenance practices.  TRC serves as advisors to transit systems and architectural/engineering firms on the design of new and renovated bus maintenance facilities.​ TRC also provides consultation on a host of technical issues for our clients.

TRC can conduct investigations on:

  • Bus fires

  • Malfunctioning fareboxes

  • Premature engine failures

  • Excessive brake wear

  • Bus re-powering projects


TRC assists transit systems in nationwide searches for executive talent to manage transit system maintenance departments.TRC’s extensive industry contacts throughout North America are especially useful in producing and screening excellent candidates for maintenance department leaders.


TRC assists transit operators planning to build new maintenance facilities or modify existing ones. TRC assists in evaluation of site locations, forecasts of medium to long term space requirements, budget estimates, and grant applications. TRC also teams up with architectural and engineering firms on design and construction projects to ensure that bus maintenance practices are incorporated with the design work from the outset of the planning process.


TRC conducts comprehensive evaluations of maintenance departments. These evaluations include revenues of preventive maintenance programs, staffing ratios, fleet performance indicators, cost indicators, shop conditions, MIS utilization, management practices, technician skills, and training programs. 



TRC provides contract management for bus maintenance departments. TRC appoints residential managers on-site who serve as the chief operating officers for maintenance departments. TRC provides the on-site manager with support from TRC central office staff who are experienced in all phases of bus maintenance practices.

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