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Gold Coast Transit Engineering Evaluation

Gold Coast Transit observed an issue with their new 40ft low floor transit buses. The steering axle wheels made contact with a major structural member within both front wheel houses during certain steering applications. GCT engaged TRC to carry out an inspection and testing program to catalog the extent of the interference problem, and to conduct a review to determine if a solution presented by the manufacturer would solve the issues. TRC was also charged with the task of reviewing the initial repair to ensure proper procedures in cutting and welding of structural members was both defined and applied during the repair of the wheel house structure.

TRC conducted a thorough inspection and testing of several of the newly received units. This involved both static and dynamic testing.Following an initial visual inspection of selected buses, TRC and GCT personnel painted the structural members which had shown to make contact with the steering axle tires. While the paint was still wet various testing was performed to show how and when the tires had impact with the structural members during turning maneuvers at various speeds.

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